The Librarian & The Cupcake (Novella)

Glenn Helms never expected to leave his demonridden master’s court. Now that he has, he’s struggling to find his place among the free bitten and he’s not going to pass up the opportunity to impress his new colleagues by screwing up his first assignment. Problem is, he doesn’t really understand the rules of the game in his new life and his attraction to his new partner an inconvenience Glenn could do without.

Robert Davies prefers to work alone, but the case he’s working on is politically charged and dangerous. A little help could go a long way, but as a former pet himself, babysitting newly freed bitten is both annoying and frustrating. It doesn’t help that the newbie Silas sent him is as sexy as he is skittish. Together, Glenn and Robert must tackle a stalker, survive an assassination attempt, and deal with their growing attraction for one another.

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