And they’re up

Well, I guess the books are now out there in the world and the website is basically done.  Now I just need to get a couple hundred people to enjoy the story enough they want to help me pay for book covers and the website.  🙂

If you’ve read any of the books, please review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords!  It would really help me out!

7 comments to And they’re up

  • Desiree  says:

    I love fantasy stories and am enjoying these books. It contains all the things I like in this genre, mystery, power, magic and intrigue. All characters in the books have back stories and these are cleverly woven into the story leaving you wanting more.

    • demonridden  says:

      Desiree, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! I really love writing the characters and it’s more fun to share with others.

  • Ethan  says:

    Anyone with an interest in supernatural/fantasy books needs to read this series. You can feel the characters come to life, and the story flows without leaving out details or becoming bogged down with too many excessive details. Perfectly written! I can’t wait for book 3 on Amazon! Keep up the great work!

  • danniintwiggy  says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and am really anxious to read the third! There are however a number of typos in both books and send stance which I feel are missing words. I’m not sure if this is only an eBook issue but I thought you would like to know. Typos aside this does not distract from the immense pleasure I have had from reading your books. Would recommend to all whom would listen 🙂

    • demonridden  says:

      Hi Danielle,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the books and thank you for the heads up regarding the typos. I hate typos and will definitely look the books over again and try to catch more. I have a friend (who does editorial work as part of her job) who edits the book for me, but she does it as a favor (i.e. for free). And I’ve read the text over so many times that clearly my brain is just skipping over the errors. Sign up and I’ll be sure to notify you when the 3rd book is out!


  • SV  says:

    When will the 3rd book come out? I want to know what’s next

    • demonridden  says:

      Hi SV, the third book (Ensnared by Magic) is out and available online at Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. The fourth book (Poisoned by Deceit) should be out by early June. Right now, I’m waiting to hear back from my beta reader about the manuscript for the fourth book. I’ll definitely send out an email once I have a release date!

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